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Construction services, whether commercial construction or residential construction, encompass a wide range of activities that are essential to the development and transformation of our built environment. From homes to multi-family complexes, from office buildings to business parks and hospitality spaces, construction services are at the heart of creating the physical spaces we inhabit and rely on daily. These services encompass various stages, including planning, design, excavation, structural work, electrical and plumbing installations, and finishing touches. Plan B Contractors are seasoned professionals in all stages of the plan and build process.

Construction contractors turn architectural visions into tangible structures, emphasizing safety, quality, and sustainability. Whether it's renovating existing structures or erecting new ones, construction services play a vital role in shaping our communities.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services

We work with the design team to produce tender and construction documents for the various stages of approvals required (Development Permit and Building Permit). During this phase, all design related decisions are completed and we continually work with the design team to review constructability issues, advise on alternate methods of construction and provide value engineering recommendations to ensure the project objectives are balanced. An initial budget and project schedule are created which are updated throughout the design process.

Design Build

We complete your project from conception to completion. After determining your project objectives, we assemble a design team to put your vision on paper through the pre-construction process. We lead the project through the difficult preliminary stages of development approvals and permitting, provide budgeting and tendering services, and manage the construction process to build completion. The majority of our projects are delivered in this format and we find it the quickest and most cost-effective method to meet your objectives.

Design Build
Construction Management

Construction Management

We act as the Owner’s representative during all phases of the project, ideally during the pre-construction period where the greatest impact on project costs can be achieved. We’ll use our years of experience to work closely with the project team and collaborate on budget, advise of potential cost savings and keep the project on time and under budget.

General Contracting

If you have a design team already and have construction documents ready to go, we will tender the project while conducting a diligent and complete document review to advise of items that could potentially affect your budget. We communicate your objectives effectively with the subcontractors and secure preferential pricing based on past relationships. Our goal is to minimize risk for Plan B, our subcontractors and especially for you.

General Contracting
Commercial Maintenance Services

Commercial Maintenance Services

Plan B encourages every client to consider the ongoing maintenance of their commercial building. Regular maintenance of your building protects your valuable investment and ensures it’s free from damage, costly repairs and is safe for its occupants.

Commercial Maintenance Programs

A Preventative Maintenance Program can be booked in advance seasonally to ensure your commercial building is well-maintained and often prevents unexpected issues from arising in the future. Investing in Preventative Maintenance means that your business can continue to operate with minimal unexpected issues. Our team will develop a program related to your space to ensure that your building is safe and functional and that wear-and-tear is addressed. We'll perform a safety review (sprinklers and emergency entrance reviews) as well as inspect gutters, water and electrical systems, building aesthetics and more.

Commercial Maintenance Projects

Plan B offers comprehensive building maintenance services across various types of properties, emphasizing the importance of quality maintenance for different businesses. How can Plan B help? Let us simplify…

Diverse Expertise: Plan B’s trained technicians possess various skill levels to handle both big and small maintenance tasks. This ensures that they can address a wide range of issues in different types of properties.

Collaboration with Property Management: Plan B works closely with property management companies and their clients. This collaboration is beneficial for simplifying and streamlining cost breakdowns and budgeting for maintenance tasks.

Efficiency and Cleanliness: Our team emphasizes the importance of ensuring workplace cleanliness and efficiency—a true commitment to creating a conducive and well-maintained environment for businesses to operate smoothly.

Tailored Solutions: Plan B appears tailors its maintenance services to the specific needs ofdifferent types of properties, such as small office buildings, retail outlets, universities, strata buildings, medical offices, grocery stores, gas stations, and financial institutions.

In summary, Plan B aims to be a reliable partner for businesses seeking quality building maintenance services. Their focus on collaboration, diverse expertise, and customized solutions suggests an approach that can meet the unique requirements of various types of properties and businesses.

Commercial clients can rely on us to help with the repair, maintenance or construction related to:

  • Demolition
  • Drywall – Installation and repairs
  • Demising Walls
  • Tile – Installation and repairs
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Wall Finishes
  • Painting – Interior and Exterior coatings
  • Rough Carpentry – Framing
  • Finish Carpentry – Trim, doors, hardware
  • Concrete repairs
  • Metal & wood doors
  • Windows, Entrance & Storefronts
  • Caulking & Sealants
  • Masonry repairs
  • Insulation

Emergency Commercial Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance

Face it, emergencies happen. Plan B Contractors can get there in those times and deal with situations as they arise. We can assist you in quickly and safely resolving issues, and as well as recommend ongoing services to prevent the emergency from reoccurring.

What They're Saying

Lot of good ideas

I just want to say thank you for doing my little house renovation. Douglas Niles, the project manager, was wonderful to work with. He had a lot of good ideas. Everything turned out better than I had hoped or dreamed. Douglas listened to me and never said the word CAN'T. I appreciate all the good work that was done.

Again, thank you

Jacobson Resident

It is beyond what I could have hoped for

I appreciate all that you, Tony and the rest of the management have done for us. Even down to the weekly reporting on the progress of the build, the detail in invoicing and the professionalism of all the staff. It is beyond what I could have hoped for. You run a very professional operation and I would recommend your firm to anyone who asks.

Phoenix Kitchenworks

Liked the weekly reports!

This was our first time using Plan B and it was a really good experience. Plan B Contractors was reasonably priced, completed repairs on schedule, and we really liked the weekly reports! The photos of progress in the weekly reports was quite satisfying as you could sense the project moving to completion. Keep up the good work.

Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

You don't often get to meet people that make things look so easy

Just wanted to say how happy I am with how the project turned out. I know Mike and I only did a couple of inspections. My intention was to come down to Kelowna once a month. When I built my house I was on site everyday. However, Reid instilled in me a level of confidence that made me feel like I didn't need to come down. His attention to detail, knowledge, and ability to immediately accomplish a task is unprecedented. You don't often get to meet people that make things look so easy. I experienced nothing but honesty and integrity from your company. Everything was exactly as it should be.

Reid, thank you for making this project a pleasurable experience and helping with design and all the extras that were probably not expected when you took this project on. If I ever do another build or reno I would be disappointed if Plan B was not available.

Rob, thank you for recommending them.

1680 + 1690 Water Street

Thank you!!

We can’t wait to work with your team again & again!! Thank you!!

Bennet Design

Quality of work

For over a decade, Bryan and his team at Plan B Contractors have been building projects for us (shopping centres, CRUs, warehouses) and providing maintenance on many of our rental premises. We always value the quality of work that Plan B consistently provides. Any issues we have had over the years has always been resolved in a timely and professional manner. It continues to be a pleasure to do business with you, Bryan.

K.B.C. Investments Inc.

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