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Scandia Golf & Games

Location 2898 Hwy 97 N, Kelowna, BC, CA
Owner Scandia Golf & Games
Engineer Castle Golf
Status Completed January 2018

The basement in the existing facility had a popular mini golf jungle course that was extensively damaged due to the severe flooding of the nearby river. The entire basement was not salvageable and so it had to be demolished completely by hand before we could get to work on rebuilding it.

In order to construct the new mini golf course, Castle Golf (a leading mini golf designer) was engaged from the USA along with a specialty concrete artist to build the most amazing concrete features throughout! Our own forces assisted with the concrete features which provided an opportunity to learn some of the tricks of this specialty trade. Special materials and props had to be sourced and procured from a variety of international vendors in order to complete the new pirate theme.

At its completion, the new design was very well received by the regular patrons who have already begun to make many new memories on this challenging course!