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Canco Petroleum – Grand Forks

Location 1512 Central Ave, Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H9, CA
Owner PR Petroleum
Engineer Elemental Structural Engineers Ltd.
Status Completed November 2018

This was an extensive renovation of an existing convenience store, which was previously converted from a old shop. The scope included full mechanical, electrical, and structural upgrades of the whole facility. The structural upgrades included deleting 3 major structural walls which were also contaminated by asbestos and mold. We relocated both outdated washrooms to the other side of the building and brought them inside. A full electrical service upgrade and relocation was required during the renovation as well the restoration of the car wash that was out of service. Exterior work consisted of new asphalt pavement, a vacuum service bar and new siding to complete the look.

Once the store space was converted, we completed a Fresh Slice food partner for the client.

This was a complex project which kept the store fully functional for over 5 months during construction with the store only being closed for a day and a half.