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Building a Legacy: Celebrating Two Decades of Heart, Passion and Excellence!

As Plan B Contractors marks its 20th anniversary, it’s not just a celebration of time but a toast to the spirit of a team that has consistently delivered excellence. Founded in 2004, Plan B has become synonymous with cutting-edge construction and project management, creating a lasting impact on the industry. This milestone is a testament to our endurance and a showcase of the exceptional leadership, diverse services, and iconic projects that have defined who we are over the years.

Leading With Excellence

Our dedicated crew and visionary leadership are at the heart of Plan B’s success story. The company’s leadership, spearheaded by founder and CEO Bryan Murray, has been instrumental in steering the company through two decades of success. He is an inspiring mentor who values organic growth over numbers and constantly challenges his team to uphold standards of continuous learning. All while putting their best foot forward to ensure satisfied clients every step of the way. At the end of the day, the goal is to leave with a big, pearly smile and a sense of fulfillment from delivering exceptional service. 

A light with her own shine, Maintenance Manager and Partner Robyn Kline brings her people and problem-solving skills to the table, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring smooth operations and strong client relations. Armed with over 25 years of experience in the industry, CFO and Partner Mike Seeley is the man behind all the number-crunching necessary to set Plan B up for success. He plays an admirable part in paving the way for Plan B to reach new frontiers and always encourages open discussions with Plan B’s customers and trade partners. 

Project Managers and Partners Rob Kline and Brandon Westgate bring their wealth of experience, hands-on skills, and community industry-focused knowledge. They also possess the determination to build strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and partners alike through effective communication, ensuring the delivery of quality services every single time.

Our leadership would be nothing without people to lead; we couldn’t have achieved success to this measure (and counting) without our team’s unwavering commitment and support. We work with pride and a strong sense of integrity for ourselves, the team, and our clients. Our combined experience has equipped us to deliver only the best, and we stop at nothing less.

Our Diverse Services

Plan B Contractors is not just a construction company; we are a one-stop solution for a myriad of construction-related services. From project conception to completion, our comprehensive suite of services covers everything from pre-construction services, design, and planning to construction and project management and even maintenance—be it commercial or residential construction. Our commitment to versatility is reflected in our ability to adapt to varying client needs; whatever the ask, we do our best to fulfill as innovators, collaborators and solution seekers.

Our services extend to retail, hospitality, healthcare, multi-family complexes and more. Plan B’s services are not just about construction; we are about creating memorable, functional spaces that seamlessly integrate with the community. Beyond construction, we place utmost importance on ongoing building maintenance to safeguard investments and ensure the safety of every individual. Recognizing the importance of a safe workplace, we commit to creating and maintaining a secure environment. This involves effective leadership, worker education and training, and benchmarking standards to ensure compliance with WorkSafeBC Regulations. Every team member is accountable for upholding these principles, from contract awards to site orientations. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and excellence in every aspect of our operations.

You Dreamt It, We Delivered.

We pride ourselves on an extensive portfolio of successful projects that highlight our commitment to delivering quality results, no matter the blood, sweat, or tears it takes. Plan B as a team focuses on showing up for our clients and vendors—our people—in every way possible. The results? Magic. We helped create commercial spaces for big names in the community, and while we can’t pick favourites, some deserve honourable mentions.

Erica Jane Restaurant

Dine in luxury at this city-centre eatery

Dine in luxury at this city-centre eatery.

This build allowed us to explore our creative strengths regarding unconventional architecture and stunning design. If finesse could be described as an image, the Erica Jane Restaurant would be a strong contender! With details like a sleek wine wall and specially curated art, this restaurant adds a touch of elegance to our bustling Downtown Kelowna area.

Airport Business Centre

As the Okanagan is seeing vast growth in the business and industrial sectors, we were ecstatic to take on the project of building the Airport Business Centre—a hub for industrial operations. This 17,000-square-foot space across Kelowna’s International Airport houses offices, warehouses, and storage solutions.

Hexagon Purus Base Building – 2150 Matrix

Innovation par excellence

Innovation par excellence

The Hexagon Purus Facility is another feather added to our hat, boasting innovation and modern design elements at their finest. We included contemporary structural features such as expansive windows, skylights, and a breathtaking rooftop patio. This facility transcends ordinary workspaces, inspires productivity, and represents Hexagon Purus’s beliefs in novel ideas and forward thinking.

With two decades behind us, we strive to keep pushing forward, rooted in our people-centric approach. Our successes are only a result of our relentless hard work and passion for all things construction, keeping top-notch quality and personalized service at the forefront. If you’d like Plan B Contractors to be your trusted partner, contact us to get things started. Here’s to many more decades of planning, building, and being better!